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Tech Blog Machine learning systems should use data aware orchestrators 24 May 2022 - 7 minutes Tech Blog NLP techniques: Semi-supervised topic modelling 22 Sep 2020 Tech Blog Why you should care about on-manifold explanations 14 Sep 2020 Tech Blog Manual dependency injection in Scala and Play 2 03 Aug 2020 Tech Blog Scala in production — making your codebase more approachable 04 May 2020 Tech Blog How to repair an unfair classifier part 2: Achieving separation fairness 06 Apr 2020 Tech Blog Getting explainability right part 2: Beware of approximations 23 Mar 2020 Tech Blog A/B testing in practice: campaign testing using Bayesian inference 16 Mar 2020 Tech Blog Getting explainability right part 1: interpretable model or post-hoc explanations? 02 Dec 2019 Tech Blog Machine learning model explainability through Shapley values 31 Oct 2019

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