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Healthcare Operations

Decision Intelligence, designed

with and for the NHS.
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in the NHS has
never been harder

Unprecedented operational pressures, spiralling
ambulance response times, increased A&E waiting
times and staff shortages.

Every day NHS staff make complex choices about
where to allocate scarce capacity, resulting in imperfect trade offs. Bottlenecks in care pathways are impacting patient outcomes. Something needs to change.

Make the right decisions
for patients and staff

System Intelligence

System Intelligence

Optimise patient flow across your UEC services
  • See system performance at a glance in real time
  • Predict urgent and emergency care demand across services and understand the root cause of bottlenecks
  • Scenario plan and evaluate the impact of interventions to support continuous improvement

Patient intelligence

Patient intelligence

Mission control for your care pathways
  • Understand what’s happening and where things have gone wrong
  • Predict and fix bottlenecks in patient flow
  • Proactively plan interventions under different demand and capacity scenarios

Patient allocation

Patient allocation

The right bed, first time, every time
  • Optimise patient allocation to improve flow and reduce unnecessary patient moves
  • Allocate beds on predicted demand and capacity constraints
  • Dynamically plan your hospital estate for now and the future

Discharge management

Discharge management

Join up care teams and reduce length of stay
  • Accelerate front door screening with AI generated EDDs
  • Align multidisciplinary teams around a common discharge plan
  • Give partners the information needed to manage community discharge demands
  • Understand the reasons patients stay longer in hospital and take action

Staff planning

Staff planning

Increase workforce resilience and improve staff wellbeing
  • Predict workforce availability and proactively plan for cover
  • Compare staffing scenarios to optimise for quality and cost of care
  • Build optimised rotas, dynamically flexing staffing levels to match patient demand
  • Define future-proof staffing models based your on population’s needs
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Decision Intelligence
for your organisation

Click into patient pathways and see exactly
why things went wrong yesterday, and
what’s likely to play out tomorrow.

Understand what will happen next with accurate
forecasts, even when your data is messy and
the world around you is changing quickly.

See the consequences of each option before deciding
which one to take, so you can be confident you’ve
made the right call for patients and staff.

Optimise how you use your scarce resources
so every patient gets the right care, in the
right place, at the right time.

Sort patients according to their health risk and
target interventions with precision & confidence.

Built with, and for, NHS managers and clinicians
Easy integration

No rip and replace. Frontier
plugs straight into your existing

Intuitive decision tools

Ready to slot into your clinical
and operational workflows.

Configured for you

No one size fits all. We take
the time to configure Frontier
to fit your unique needs.

Measure your performance with
our new ‘Winter Resilience’ tool

Using openly available data, the ‘Winter Resilience’
dashboard shows how you are performing against the
winter metrics. You can also compare yourself to
relevant Trusts, Systems or Regions.

Frontier is fully
interoperable with:

Winner of the Best Healthcare Analytics Project for the NHS at the
HSJ Partnership Awards 2022. Finalists in the HSJ Partnership Awards 2023.

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Engineered for
data protection

  • GDPR compliant
  • NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit
  • DCB0129 compliant
  • UK region data processing
  • Cyber Essentials Plus certification
  • ICO registered
  • ISO 27001 certification

“By using this leading technology developed with Faculty, we are helping to support frontline staff in their ongoing mission to save as many lives as they can by equipping them with the most accurate information.”

Chief Data & Analytics Officer at NHS England

“Pressures remain high, but staff are determined to address the Covid-19 backlogs, and while that cannot happen overnight, harnessing new technologies like A&E forecasting tool to accurately predict activity levels and free up staff, space and resources will be key to helping deliver more vital tests, checks and procedures for patients.”

NHS National Medical Director


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