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Frontier decision-making is here

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AI for Energy Transition
& Environment

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Drive risk-free innovation, optimise your core processes and help tackle the world’s biggest challenge

Every day, companies on the frontline against the climate crisis make tough decisions. Getting them wrong can have serious consequences – not just for revenue, but for our future. And while more data is available than ever to help businesses make them, those operating in energy, water and the built environment aren’t so sure how to use it effectively. You need to balance supply with demand, optimise the management of assets and resources, and monitor it all in real-time. Pumping more data into legacy systems will no longer suffice.

Our customers

Our solutions

Commercial optimisation

Leverage AI to optimise your trading strategies, improve asset planning and utilisation, and develop ahead-of-time insights for deal sourcing and better business performance.

Operational optimisation

Enhance your asset management and performance with computer vision and automated network controls. Forecast faults, avoid downtime and maximise your operating efficiency.

Customer optimisation

Generate more value from your customers with uplift modelling. Leverage smart meter data to analyse consumption patterns, identify customer segments and develop smarter solutions.

Ready to unlock your company’s full potential?

Performance that sets you apart, when it matters most, through partnership

The full potential of AI and data science is yet to be unlocked by businesses dedicated to the energy transition and the environment. We’ve seen first-hand that it can improve the entire decision-making process. 

Do away with the black box

Our technology surfaces more than just information and analysis. It provides causality to help you understand why it’s made that recommendation, and enables you to make the right decision in response. 

Turn insights into action

All this analysis and no idea what to do with it? By integrating our technology into your systems and processes, you can build better decision-making into every area of your business and translate it into action.

Continuously improve outcomes
Our solutions continuously learn and improve by collecting data across the decision-making process. Over time you get better forecasts, recommended decisions and actions taken.

Let’s work together

We’ve been trusted by some of the world’s biggest organisations to help solve their most critical problems, operating in high-pressure environments, by building intelligence into every area of their business. 

We make the effort to understand your business’ key challenges. Our solutions are tailored to your unique needs, delivering value quickly. 

We become an extension of your team, developing your capabilities through knowledge-sharing and co-learning. Independently enhance your technology and accelerate your AI journey with Faculty.

Meet some of the team

Andrew Perry

Director, Energy Transition and Environment

Andy is the Commercial Director leading our Energy Transition and Environment work at Faculty. He is focused on how to bring the power of AI solutions to bear in solving our most pressing decarbonisation and sustainability challenges, working with clients across the energy and utility sectors and beyond. Before joining Faculty, Andy worked as a strategic leader at the forefront of energy transition in consulting, government and start-up roles. He studied Philosophy & Economics and Public Policy, both at University College London.

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