Your AI operating system for
intelligent decision-making.

See what happened and why. Then simulate
what will happen next and how to act on it.


Connect AI to KPIs and business decisions

Break down silos and increase ROI on data investments by connecting ML models to each other, to your operational workflows and to your decision makers.

Simulate every scenario to make the right decisions

From operational day-to-day processes to big strategic bets, make your data work harder to support your business-critical decision-making.

Implement AI
governance and control

Ensure AI safety and enforce rules and policies across your entire system. Monitor for inappropriate, confidential, or biassed results.

Transforming business decision-making

Customer success
with Frontier

“With Frontier, we can fast forward and rewind to understand exactly what’s happening across the system. We can see the choices we have, the levers we can pull and the impact those levers will have in real time. It’s a very powerful platform.”

Huw Thomas, Director of Finance, Hywel Dda University Health Board



Development tooling for data scientists, machine learning engineers and software developers to define a CT, contextualise your data sources, integrate models and validate performance.



A powerful computational engine that runs your organisational data through the platform to drive simulations. A modular, extensible compiler that enables sophisticated orchestration and investigation.



A business user interface for interacting with the computational twin. Users can run scenarios, see the impact of different choices and optimise decision making for global outcomes.

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