Intelligent Decision Support that connects
across your organisation

Decision Intelligence that
cuts through the data noise

Frontier puts tools in your hands to replace guesswork
and uncertainty with understanding and control.

Run a Computational Twin across your organisation

Get a clear view of what you need to know to make every decision with confidence.

Allocate your resources wherever they’re needed most

Identify the best option, every time, with AI-driven recommendations.

Stay one step ahead of what happens next

Forecasts you can rely on, even with patchy data and rapidly changing circumstances.

See how decisions will play out before you make them

Test your options, choose which future you want, and make it happen with confidence.

Uncover the cause and effect relationships that drive your KPIs

Understand why past events played out as they did. Test what could have improved outcomes.

Connected decision making that tears down silos

Frontier’s Computational
Twin connects interdependent
decisions so you can create
systems rather than silos

Technology that operates on your terms

We configure Frontier into
your workflow, rather than
force you to fit into ours.


We operate to the
highest standards of
privacy and security.


We plug into your tech stack
as we find it, rather than
ripping and replacing.


We get Frontier live and
in the hands of users in
weeks, rather than months.

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