Frontier for
Commercial Operations

Predict and manage volatile demand,
adapt to fast-changing customer needs
and build more resilience into operations.

Decision-making in

operations has never

been harder

Protecting your margins has never been harder.
Inflation, energy bills, supply chain volatility,
fluctuating and uncertain customer demand.

More than ever, you need to make the right
decisions about how to engage customers,
which items to double down on, and where
you can optimise your supply chain.

Make the right decisions
for your customers and
your business

Demand intelligence

Demand intelligence

Improve planning accuracy by >20%
  • Produce hyper-accurate demand plans using state of the art forecasting algorithms
  • Forecast down to SKU/day/store level using specialised retail hierarchical models
  • Provide full forecast driver decomposition to maximise user trust and adoption
  • Track manual overrides over time to build accountability

Inventory optimisation

Inventory optimisation

Exactly the right stock, in the right place
  • Reduce lost sales and excess inventory costs
  • Integrate long term demand plans with tactical inventory decisions
  • Enable predictive stock-rebalancing across stores and DCs
  • Dynamically plan and re-plan based on a live, predictive view of demand and availability

Risk monitoring

Risk monitoring

Spot commercial risks months in advance and plan with confidence
  • Anticipate future market trends and commercial performance using hundreds of external indicators
  • Pressure test long-term and short-term business plans using simulation and scenario planning
  • Understand where intervention is most needed to manage risk and capitalise on opportunity

Workforce optimisation

Workforce optimisation

Maximise store profitability, staff wellbeing and service levels
  • Predict workforce availability to proactively plan for cover
  • Compare staffing scenarios to maximise both profitability and service levels
  • Build optimised rotas, dynamically flexing staffing based on predicted demand
  • Define long-term staffing requirements based on site, store and territory needs
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Frontier is fully
interoperable with:

Your Control Tower

Faculty Frontier gives you:

Root cause analysis

Build a true picture of demand with high definition demand features. Leverage internal and external data from trading, competitor analysis, customer spending and even the weather, to build a true picture of demand.


Connect highly accurate forecasts to everyday and in-day decisions. Faster forecasting and replenishment that enables you to respond to evolving trading decisions in near real-time, both in-store and online. Down to SKU and channel level.

Scenario planning

See the consequences of each option before deciding which one to take, so you can be confident you’ve made the right call, whether in planning, production or targeting


Gain end-to-end supply chain visibility. Deeply integrate your supplier network into your planning and make efficiencies with unprecedented levels of supply chain visibility.

“We thought we were already well optimised in marketing spend, yet Faculty’s solution gave us >5x ROI -a figure that will likely increase over time.”

Marketing Director of Global Fashion Retailer

“Faculty enabled us to power real-time, mission-critical parts of our customer experience. They helped us move from a standing start to a fully-operational, high-performance AI system in six months.”

Executive Director at Virgin Media O2

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