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Whether you are looking to grow, work more efficiently, or deliver higher quality services, we build industry-leading AI that helps you turn your data into deeper insights, better strategies and smarter decisions.

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Faculty is building the technology of the future. We have already helped solve some of the biggest problems out there.


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Our Story

Faculty is a founder-led company. Since
the beginning, our guiding mission has been
to bring the benefits of AI to everyone.

We started with the Faculty Fellowship, helping PhD students make
the transition from academia into a data science career. Soon,
companies hiring from the Faculty Fellowship were asking for data
science support on some of their more complex problems. It was these
projects that started our evolution into Faculty as we are today.

Since then, we’ve worked on some of the biggest and most difficult challenges
faced by major organisations. In healthcare, retail, government and energy,
we’ve built unrivalled expertise and fine-tuned our technology.

Using the scientific method, rigour, observation and critical thinking
are the heart of what we do.

Advanced machine learning provides a systematic approach to
‘decision intelligence’, helping organisations make robust,
proactive decisions on the things that matter.

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