Putting Decision Intelligence into AWS solutions

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Our partnership with AWS enables both our services and Frontier customers to make better decisions using AI.

Faculty is Europe’s leading applied AI company.

As a leading AI and data science service provider, we have built hundreds of solutions for customers across public and private sectors that use AWS.

Frontier, our own decision intelligence software, is powered by AWS. Our customers, from commercial operators to healthcare providers, use Frontier to make every decision with confidence. From managing unprecedented operational pressures, to adapting to fast-changing customer needs, to coping with staff shortages.

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No ‘rip-and-replace’

Frontier plugs into your existing tech stack and cloud environment. Our partnership with AWS shortens time-to-value, and ensures your deployments are easy and well-architected.

Proven technical expertise

As an AWS Services Partner we have demonstrable experience with a range of public and private sector customers. We are also an AWS Software Partner, having developed software that runs on or integrated with AWS.

Always up to date

Our flagship product, Frontier, is powered by AWS and AWS-qualified software. We ensure the customers we share with AWS always have access to, and maximum value from, the latest solutions available.

Faculty is recognised
as a top AWS partner

Our team are experts in deploying solutions on, and integrating with, AWS products and services.

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