Gain a competitive advantage
with our industry-leading AI

Faculty specialise in the design, build and implementation of custom AI systems.
We use AI to deliver performance that sets you apart, when it matters most
and through partnership that makes you stronger.

Performance that sets you apart

Our AI technology implements the latest developments in the field
to deliver levels of impact our customers didn’t think possible.

We only deploy experts

∼10% of UK physics, maths and engineering  PhDs apply to our fellowship.We hire the best to  give you expert-only teams of PhD+ Data  Scientists and Engineers.

We implement the latest science

Our partnerships with UCL and Harvard keep us at the frontier of AI research. We translate this  into applied solutions that push the boundaries of performance.

We design for you

We know that outlier performance only comes when technology is designed for your strategy, your data, and your ways of working.

Performance when it matters most

Our AI technology is trusted to take on some of the most important problems facing
society today. We deliver results quickly and reliably when the stakes are high.

We deliver from experience

Our teams bring the collective learnings from successfully completing hundreds of AI solutions to your problem.

We design for trust

We design AI solutions that are explainable, fair and private by default so that they can be trusted by your customers, users and regulators.

We engineer for resilience

We apply the latest MLOps to ensure your solution performs in complex operating environments, and when the world around it is changing fast.

Partnership that makes you stronger

We partner with our customers from start to finish, to ensure our AI
technology is embedded properly, and to build capability that lasts.

We care about doing things right

We support your teams at every step of the journey, with people who take pride in their work and the impact that it has.

We build together

We invest in working jointly with your teams, to optimise for knowledge transfer as we build things together.

We help you grow

Our training builds AI literacy at all levels of your organisation, and we help grow your tech team through access to our talent pipeline