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Blog Traditional retailers are in dire need of price optimisation. The help they need is finally at hand. 22 May 2023 Events Generative Al: Transforming how businesses engage with their customers 16 May 2023 Blog UK Government asks Faculty to help create National Biosurveillance Network 05 May 2023 Blog Ensuring Safety and Eliminating Bias with AI 18 Apr 2023 Blog AI is a Co-Pilot, not an Auto-Pilot – here’s why 12 Apr 2023 Events Demo Day 26 03 Apr 2023 3 Essential Rules for Applying LLMs and GPT-4 in an Enterprise Context Blog The 3 Essential Rules for Applying GPT-4 in an Enterprise Context 28 Mar 2023 Blog Celebrating the 25th Fellowship: 5 Data science initiatives implemented by Faculty’s fellows  22 Mar 2023 In the press Faculty provides insight on generative AI’s healthcare potential in The Telegraph 17 Mar 2023 In the press Our partner OpenAI releases GPT-4, a new multi-modal large language model 15 Mar 2023

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