The next few weeks are going to involve some major adjustments for data science teams, as huge swathes of the industry adapt to working from home. Getting the right remote working tools in place won’t just pay off now – it will be a major asset for data science teams in the years to come, as remote working becomes the new normal. 

We’ve been working with customers, industry contacts, and our own data science teams to establish a new methodology for remote working – one that helps people stay coordinated, collaborate effectively, and maintain visibility. 

We’ll be sharing insights from these experiences and some information on our data science workbench, Faculty Platform, where we’ll cover:

  • Key problems that data science teams experience when remote working
  • How we’ve adjusted our own ways of working, using the Faculty Platform to make work and activity visible, creating knowledge repositories, and using shared data science environments. 

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date & time

Tues 7 April 2020
14:30 – 15:30 GMT