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The insider’s guide to getting into data science

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Wed 12 August 2020
12:00-13:00 BST

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Is there a ‘right’ way to get a data science job? What’s the ‘magic formula’ recruiters are looking for? How can aspiring data scientists get their hands on projects that have a real world impact?

We’ve gathered three successful data scientists from HSBC, Robin AI and Attest for a ‘fireside chat’, moderated by one of Faculty’s Senior Data Scientists, Ben Green.

They’ll discuss:

  • The perks and challenges of a data science career.
  • The reality of day-to-day life as a data scientist.
  • The wide variety of paths you can take to become a data scientist.
  • Some of the most exciting data science projects our speakers have worked on.
  • Tips for interviews, job applications, and networking.

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