A methodology for efficient data science knowledge sharing

Most data science team leaders know that the ability to effectively share knowledge and insight is the key to their team’s success. But, considering the huge historical barriers to knowledge sharing – poor governance, misaligned priorities, complex infrastructures – it’s hardly surprising that most leaders have put the problem on a back burner.

In this webinar, we’ll show that building a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing isn’t just vital – it’s completely achievable for most data science teams.

On 4th June, 14.30 BST, Josh Muncke (one of Faculty’s commercial Principals) and Gergely Imreh (one of Faculty’s Machine Learning Engineers) will share: 

  • How we’ve set up our own data science teams to consistently and efficiently share knowledge and insights.
  • How we help our clients create the processes and tools they need to collaborate effectively.
  • How our data science workbench, Faculty Platform, supports knowledge sharing – and why we’ve added new features and capabilities designed to make it even easier.

To secure your place at the event, please email events@faculty.ai.