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How LLMs can enhance your customer journey

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Wednesday 24th May
2pm - 3pm BST



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Since the release of ChatGPT and the recent GPT-4
announcement, Large Language Models have continued
to capture the world’s imagination. Yet as with any
transformative technology, the hype around these
tools can sometimes be difficult to navigate.

In this webinar, we will provide an executive-level explanation of how
Large Language Models work and a perspective on high-impact
use cases for customer service and marketing teams.

We will cover:

  • A hype free definition of what generative ai models are
    and what they can do
  • A walk through of the customer journey and how LLMs can
    enhance various stages and high-priority use cases across retail
  • A framework for how to get started with using LLMs to
    unlock value in your organisation right away


Marc Warner
CEO and Co-Founder at Faculty

Marc is the CEO and Co-Founder at Faculty. He co-founded Faculty in the belief that the benefits of AI should extend to everyone, and has since overseen the growth of Faculty to one of Europe’s leading AI companies. He has led many data science projects, with clients ranging from multinational companies like EasyJet and Siemens to the UK government and the NHS.

Before Faculty, Marc was a Marie Curie Fellow in Physics at Harvard University, specialising in quantum sensing. Outside of Faculty, he advises the government via the AI Council. He has a PhD in Quantum Computing and a degree in Physics from Imperial College London.

Andrew Perry
Director, Energy Transition and Environment at Faculty

Andy leads Faculty’s work with energy, utility and natural resources businesses. His particular focus is on helping companies use decision intelligence to develop new ways of operating in a rapidly changing environment.

Andy has spent the past 14 years at the forefront of change and innovation in energy transition through senior roles in consulting, start-up and Government organisations. Prior to Faculty he was a Principal at Oliver Wyman where he led their strategic work with UK energy companies

Kat James
Technical Director, Retail and Consumer at Faculty

Kat leads Faculty’s technical teams supporting customers in the retail and consumer space. Kat’s work is focussed on combining advanced AI techniques with real world business problems.

Following an academic background in statistical genetics, Kat has worked in some of the UK’s most well known organisations, including Head of Data Science roles at both Uswitch and the Royal Mail. She is passionate about the power of applying AI across a wide range of industries and problems.

Josh Muncke
Director, Retail and Consumer at Faculty

Josh leads Faculty’s work with retailers and consumer-driven businesses such as FMCG, Travel and Media. Josh’s expertise is in using AI to help brands build stronger supply chains and better relationships with their customers. Josh has 14 years of experience in building and leading data science teams and projects.

Prior to joining Faculty, he was the Director of Data Science for Red Bull where he was responsible for the deployment of a wide range of AI and machine-learning initiatives across sales, marketing and media.

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