Discover how Large Language Models can reshape the customer experience for immediate business benefit. Uncover the secret of AI in retail: join the webinar to explore GPT-4’s impact on customer service.

Since the recent release of GPT-4, Large Language Models have continued to capture the world’s imagination. Yet as with any transformative technology, the hype around these tools can sometimes be difficult to navigate.

In this webinar, we will demystify how Large Language Models work and showcase their potential, specifically highlighting high-impact use cases for customer service in retail businesses.

From helping to build a richer understanding of customer behaviour, to automating customer service activities, to revolutionising product search and discovery – the applications of Large Language Models such as GPT-4 to the customer journey seem endless.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • A hype-free definition of Generative AI models, focusing on their key capabilities relevant for retail businesses and how they can reshape your customer experience
  • A walk through of the customer journey and how LLMs can enhance various stages and high-priority use cases across retail
  • A framework for how to get started with using LLMs to unlock value in your organisation right away
  • Addressing common concerns, such as privacy, reputational risk, and the pace of technological change


  • Marc Warner
    CEO & Co-Founder at Faculty
  • Andy Perry 
    Director, Energy Transition and Environment at Faculty
  • Kat James 
    Technical Director, Retail and Consumer at Faculty
  • Josh Muncke 
    Director, Retail & Consumer at Faculty

date & time

Tuesday, 6th June, 2023
1pm – 2pm BST



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