Fibre broadband’s role in digital transformation

Digital infrastructure is an obvious bright spot for investment. Supported by a digital policy agenda across Europe, the conditions are ripe for accelerated investment in an already hot corner of the market. Investors are positioning for a permanent change in the demand curve for data and consumption habits because of the pandemic. From an M&A perspective, valuations on fibre assets have skyrocketed. Yet the long-term outlook for regulation remains uncertain.

Neha Puri – Principal of Faculty’s Engineering and Built Environment business unit joins an expert panel where they will discuss:

  • How has the crisis changed growth assumptions for urban and rural connectivity?
  • How do lenders view credit risk when financing projects, given the uncertain regulatory outlooks?
  • Where might carve-outs emerge as larger telecoms players reposition their portfolio, with many larger players already acquired?
  • What sort of returns will investors receive, and will these justify the multiples spent?
  • How will changing regulations towards fibre broadband as an essential service affect investment?

date & time

Tuesday 24 November 2020
09.00 – 13.50 GMT



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