Using Computer Vision and a “Human in the Loop” to Innovate in the Rail Sector

AI CON provides the opportunity to listen to and engage with professionals and developers, creatives, entrepreneurs and business leaders, who have led on adopting AI as a tool to build better services, products and businesses.

Faculty’s Caroline Ames, Engagement Manager and David Sauerwein, Data Scientist join Gavin Maylon, Head of Geospatial Engineering from AECOM on a panel session.

They will  discuss the challenges faced by operators of infrastructure, more specifically rail and why there is an opportunity to use AI to innovate within the sector. They will cover the importance of combining AI with expert human decision making when performing safety critical tasks and other learnings, drawing on our previous experience of work in this space.

date & time

Friday 4 December, 2020
12.35 pm



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