Join Faculty’s e-commerce Team as they attend RetailWeek’s event, Accelerating E-Commerce Week Summit 2022

This event will focus on how AI is reinventing the e-commerce landscape and the implementation of wider applications.

Touching on topics such as:

  • How AI is enabling retailers to achieve operational intelligence – covering how improving your demand signal doesn’t have to be rocket science and how to best use AI to better align operations to the digital shopper experience.
  • The use of AI to get closer to customer-level predictions.
  • How best to leverage  AI to get ahead of customers’ next moves in a world where online shopping journeys are driving demand volatility.

With the surge in e-commerce and a rebound of bricks-and-mortar sales, what does a resilient online growth strategy look like in 2022?

And what will it take to win consumer loyalty in the ever-changing digital ecosystem?

date & time

Thursday 17 March 2022,
08:30 – 11:30

This event has finished