Since its humble beginnings in 2014, the Faculty Fellowship has grown from a small initiative in our co-founder’s flat to an industry leading programme that is now the proud recipient of a Royal Princess Training Award. 

We are honoured by this accolade and proud to have supported over 380 Fellows with world-class training so far, helping them transition from academia into a data science career. 

Our Fellows have progressed into roles with the likes of IQVIA, Virgin Media O2, Google, DeepMind, Meta and more. As we enter our 24th Fellowship cycle, we’re looking forward to supplying even more companies with the greatest data science talent the UK has to offer.

The Fellowship is the foundation of what Faculty is today – in 2014, it was our only offering before host companies started to ask us to provide staff for longer, more complex projects. Now, Faculty is over 250 employees strong, supporting organisations such as the NHS, and investing specialist knowledge and expertise into training the next generation of data talent.

The Fellowship nurtures talent and provides a platform to bridge the gap between academia and data science for all those involved. For Fellows, free training, salaried work, great networking opportunities and office perks are on offer. For host companies, they access some of the UK’s brightest data science talent, technical training, and expert consultancy – especially given 2-5% of UK Physics, Maths and Engineering PhD graduates apply to the Fellowship each cycle. For Faculty, it sets our culture and values, and connects us with exciting talent and companies.

The Princess Royal Training Awards is an industry recognition celebrating employers who have a proven track record in providing outstanding training and skills development programmes. Over the last eight years, the Fellowship has not only made a great impact for Faculty, but also on the 211 companies that have participated in the programme to date.

As Fellowship alumni, Yili Yang, notes, the “Fellowship is a bridge that connects academia to data science. It reshaped my view of the field and provided me with the mindset to become a data scientist.”

We thank the Princess Royal Training Awards for their valuable recognition, and look forward to continuing to unlock some of the greatest data science talent the UK has to offer.

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