Decision Intelligence
for Retail & Consumer

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Harness your data to
enhance decision-making
across marketing, sales
and operations

Our Decision Intelligence technology has delivered millions of pounds in ROI, advancing the data science capabilities of hundreds of international retail & consumer organisations.

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Decision Intelligence designed to deliver real commercial impact for your
business, built for high performance, rapid rollout and easy adoption.

  • Break down silos

    We’ll help you draw data from across your business
    and beyond to make fully informed decisions.

  • Access the latest AI advances

    We continuously enhance our machine learning engines, so you get consistently best-in-class performance.

  • Configured for your business

    We maximize efficiency and competitive differentiation by customizing each AI application to your business processes, data, and tech stack.

  • Safety and long-term ROI built-in

    Our technology is trusted by some of the world’s
    most critical AI applications, thanks to built-in AI
    safety and real-time performance monitoring.

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