Frontier for
the NHS

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The world’s first Decision
Intelligence platform designed
with and for the NHS.

Frontier combines AI and machine learning
technology with the frontline expertise of NHS
organisations from around the UK.

Empower your trust to free up resources, cut
admin, and let your people focus on delivering
the care your patients need.

Discharge management
in the NHS has never
been so challenging

Unprecedented demand on your trust’s staff and resources
makes efficient patient flow essential.

But being forced to rely on manual and disjointed practices
means patient care data often ends up siloed and fragmented.

The net result is bottlenecks in care pathways, delayed discharges,
and frustrating experiences. For your patients and staff alike.

How will your trust address ‘NHS England’s Delivery Plan
to Recover Urgent and Emergency Care Services’?

With Frontier, your operational AI solution for the NHS, ensure patient discharge
management meets and exceeds the standards set by NHS England’s UEC recovery plan.

Make decisions based on the joined-up intelligence of each of your departments.
Get off the back foot and make proactive discharge planning a reality.

Set accurate EDDs for
all patients allocated to
an inpatient bed, from
the point of admission.

Optimise the flow at each stage
of the pathway to maximise
capacity to treat as many
patients as possible.

Use AI and machine learning to
make incremental savings across
every care episode. Take hours
off days, and days off weeks to
drive efficient discharge
processes and cost savings.

Identify patients with
complex discharge needs
upon admission.

Implemented and ready to go in as little as 8 weeks.

How much could your trust save?

Watch this video to learn how Frontier can help optimise your discharge
process and provide positive impact across your trust.

Shaped in partnership with the NHS

One of our key NHS partners was seeking to address the key drivers outlined in the recent
NHS England’s ‘Delivery plan for recovering urgent and emergency care services’.

By working with Frontier, the team has achieved unprecedented impact, including:

extra bed days per year

in cost efficiency savings

hours of staff time by
automating administration

The capacity to treat
more than 850 additional
elective patients

What could numbers like these mean for your trust?

“The technology has revolutionised our
ability to discharge patients on time”

Senior Nurse Manager

Winner of the Best Healthcare Analytics Project for the NHS at the
HSJ Partnership Awards 2022. Finalists in the HSJ Partnership Awards 2023.

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