Your platform for implementing,
controlling and auditing the performance
of AI across your organisation.

Connect your mission-critical apps to
simulate what’s going to happen, why,
and what to do about it.


Applied AI Services

We help our clients navigate the AI transition. From strategy and roadmapping to the design, build and deployment of bespoke AI systems that deliver productivity and profitability.

For over 10 years we’ve delivered solutions for more than 250 customers, maximising their ROI from AI investments.



The Fellowship programme gives STEM
PhD, Masters graduates and postdoctoral
researchers the training to move from
academia to a career in data science.

Hire from a pool of the very best data
science talent, hand-picked by
experts in the field.

Harness the power of generative AI

We are OpenAI’s first implementation partner, helping organisations deliver
generative AI solutions with lasting, measurable impact. Implement LLMs
without fear of hallucination, bias, or misinformation.

“We chose to work with Faculty because they understand our technology and its potential but also have the experience to ensure it is implemented successfully and safely.”

Head of GTM, OpenAI

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Customer success stories

Why Faculty?

Trusted to work on

the biggest problems

Our work underpins critical 
operations for healthcare systems,
government, national infrastructure
and global brands.

Decision Intelligence that delivers

We have a proven track record of increasing revenue and transforming operational efficiency via our proprietary methodology.

Leaders in AI governance and safety

We have partnered with UCL and
Harvard University to publish
research on the safe and ethical
deployment of AI.

Seamless integration across

your tech stack

We partner with the most trusted
data and AI platforms in the world,
including OpenAI, AWS, Microsoft,
Salesforce, and more.

The Decision
Intelligence difference

Today, organisations have access to 50x more data than 10 years ago, but 67% of leaders say decision-making is harder than ever.

Decision Intelligence combines human expertise with machine learning technology to move organisations from decisions based on data to decisions based on understanding.

Understanding of the cause-and-effect relationships that drive your KPIs and the impact that your choices will have on them.