We’re excited to introduce ‘Faculty’, the new name
and identity for ASI Data Science.

Our news comes at a time when we are also celebrating our five-year company anniversary. And how far we’ve come since Angie, Andy and I founded the business in 2014.

Starting out with the Fellowship to help PhD fellows to learn how to use AI in the real world, we have since grown to offer data science strategy and training, a thriving research programme on AI Safety, and our own data science platform (formerly SherlockML) to help organisations to deploy machine learning models quickly and safely.

Over the last several months our team have been busy planning the Faculty brand launch and working with the leading independent design consultancy Pentagram to find a name and an identity that embodies who we are. We wanted a brand that matches our vision and better represents the work we do. We have found this with Faculty: Faculty is a community, but also a source of human expertise and machine intelligence.

Our mission is to make artificial intelligence (AI) real. Why? Because we believe AI is the most important technology of our age and will have a similar impact on society to other general-purpose technologies such as steam power, electricity and the internet. But we also think it’s not being used to its full potential. While the benefits of AI are talked about all the time, we rarely see the technology actually being deployed in the real world where it has most value – improving products, enhancing services and saving lives.

For organisations to use any new technology effectively – including AI – they need three elements: the right strategy, the right software and the right skills. We believe we are uniquely positioned to offer the market all three.

In fact, we are already doing this. We work with a huge variety of organisations ranging from FTSE 250 companies, FTSE 100 companies and leading supermarkets to Series A startups, government departments, utility companies, department store chains and infrastructure management. In total, we have deployed AI successfully across 8 markets and 23 industries, completing over 300 projects, many of which are detailed here.

We are excited about our future. And we are excited about how as Faculty we will be able to realise our vision and help organisations, as well as the wider world, experience the many benefits AI has to offer.

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