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Whether it’s analysing intelligence, coordinating operations, extracting insights, or driving decision-making, AI is the tool of the UK’s military – and the advantage that tomorrow’s forces need to protect British citizens.

With groundbreaking technology, 360-degree military experience, and support from some of the industry’s leading data science experts, we’ll help you make AI your defence advantage.

Revolutionise every
aspect of defence

Combat service support

Enhance the speed and efficiency of business processes and support functions, such as improving your understanding of force readiness.

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

Transcend human analysis, extracting actionable insights from the huge range of data sources at your disposal.

Multi-domain integration and C4

Create and execute resilient, coordinated operations, informed by complex analysis.

Autonomous systems

Automate dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks to protect personnel and allocate resources more effectively.

Securing and sustaining information advantage in the sub-threshold

Uncover the truth and combat disinformation with highly detailed, wide-ranging automated analysis. 

Our solutions

Our custom machine learning software is helping defence companies tackle the sector’s
latest challenges and opportunities. We build ethical AI software tailored to your specific
requirements and help you deploy them rapidly with our specialist support.

Built for the field

We’re a team of AI defence experts
and former British military operatives.
That experience helps us build AI
that personnel can truly rely on –
especially in contested environments
where operational and information
security are critical.

Raising the bar

Safety. Ethics. Performance.
We build all three into every algorithm.
We’ll only implement military AI
that meets high ethical standards.

Upskill and roll out

We’ll help you embed military
applications of AI into your
processes with training tailored
to British military contexts and
personnel, informed by our
own field experience.

Designed to integrate

Our AI is technology agnostic
and built to mesh easily with your
tools and systems, even those
provided by other suppliers.

Whatever it takes

Our chief concern is solving your
capability challenges – and we’ll
go above and beyond our brief to
get you where you need to be.

Now and forever

Once your system is up and running,
we’ll continue to fine-tune
performance, and work through any
issues for as long as you need us.

Proud partners of Dstl’s Defence AI Centre

We’ve partnered with Dstl (the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Lab) to help push the boundaries of what AI can do for defence.

We’re proud signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant, affirming our commitment and support for the Armed Forces Community.

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