The UK Government (Government Digital Service and Office for AI) announced today that it’s launched a new AI Guide on the UK Government’s website, GOV.UK.

As stated by minister Oliver Dowdon this morning at CogX, the guide was developed in partnership with Faculty as part of the cross-government AI adoption review programme announced in February in conjunction with GDS and OAI.

The newly launched AI Guide seeks to provide practical advice and best-practice guidance for civil servants who are looking to use artificial intelligence in their department. This marks an important step for The Government as it looks to apply AI across the organisation and bring new benefits to public services.

As part of our work on the review, we focused on identifying opportunities where the UK Government should be investing in AI as part of the AI Sector Deal. We then went on to provide best-practice guidance to departmental heads and technical leads on how to get value out of the technology in the real-world through the AI Guide.In writing guidance, we were able to draw on our own experience of running over 300 commercial AI projects, across almost all industry sectors.

In addition, we were able to utilise our expertise in skills training, for both senior staff members at leading businesses through our AI for executives programme, and from training technical teams, and PhDs as part of ourfellowship programme, to get the most value out of the technology.As first-of-its-kind guidance for successful, real-world implementation of AI in the UK Government, this will put the country at the forefront of the AI and data revolution.

As Sana Khareghani, Head of the Office for AI highlighted in her speech at our brand launch event,the review is, ‘the opportunity to bring human and machines together with the right principles to elevate public services to a new level of performance that will benefit people across the country.

’We’re delighted to be a part of this and look forward to seeing the results of the AI Guide being used in the real-world to help shape the UK’s public policy and services for the future.

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