Many people think that the biggest downside of transformation is the upheaval. The length of time it takes, the stakeholder buy-in needed, the capital expenditure and the disruption to BAU.

And they are right, but there is an even bigger drawback. The time to immediate value.

If you spend months in consultation, possibly years in build-mode, all of that is opportunity cost. 

Consultants and old school technology vendors will pitch you a ‘strategic’ solution, maybe a roadmap, with gold at the end of the rainbow! Sometimes that is the right approach. 

But for most problem solving, it needs to be done at the local and operational level. Dig down into your supply chain, get onto the factory floors, find out what’s really going on in your business. Fix things one step at a time. Like the old adage, look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves. 

And much like investing money, incremental change benefits from the power of compounding. The quicker you get to work problem solving, the bigger your returns. That means maximum ROI, not waiting for payday two or three years later.

And there are other added benefits: you get to test and learn. Find out what works and double down, quickly stop what doesn’t. You find that out much faster if you do it as you go. 

You also get to solve the most up to date problems. Transformation takes time and technology degrades quickly. If your objectives for a project were set 12 months or even longer ago, are you sure in today’s fast-changing world that you are solving the right problem with the best solution? 

Some people might be happy with an iPhone 4, or still working on a PC from 2005. But for most people who want to maximise their productivity, their competitive advantage, or sometimes even just keep up with the competition in these tough times, you need to leverage the power of technology. 

Working with an AI-as-a-Service provider means you get all the above benefits and none of the downside. Faster ROI, compounded over time, with built-in flexibility.

With Faculty Frontier there is no rip and replace, our AI product enhances your existing tech stack, pain-free, with value added from week one. 

Most of your tech stack probably suffers from a lot of the above; old kit for old problems, a lack of agility, value measured in years, not weeks. And because you went through that whole transformation pain at the time, you bed in for the long-haul. It’s a classic sunk-cost fallacy. 

Frontier is not an addition to your tech stack or infrastructure. It’s a fast, high value-generating add-on across all of it. 

Let us help you start somewhere. Find a problem, solve it, get really good at doing that. Solve a problem that interacts with that one, then another, then another. The incremental change across your business will be transformational, without the upheaval.

Get in touch to let us show you how Frontier can immediately bring both new ROI and unlock existing value. To find out more about our decision intelligence software Frontier, click here.

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