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AI in Defence

Secure and advance your military capability

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Revolutionise every aspect of defence

  • Combat service support
    Enhance the speed and efficiency of business processes and support functions, such as improving your understanding of force readiness.
  • Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
    Transcend human analysis, extracting actionable insights from the huge range of data sources at your disposal.
  • Multi-domain integration and C4
    Create and execute resilient, coordinated operations, informed by complex analysis.
  • Autonomous systems
    Automate dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks to protect personnel and allocate resources more effectively.
  • Securing and sustaining information advantage in the sub-threshold
    Uncover the truth and combat disinformation with highly detailed, wide-ranging automated analysis. 


Proud partners of Dstl’s Defence AI Centre

We’ve partnered with Dstl (the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory)
to help push the boundaries of what AI can do for defence.

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Meet some of the team

Ross Adams

Customer Director, Defence

Ross is a Customer Director who leads Faculty’s work establishing the new Defence AI Centre (as published in the Defence AI Strategy 2022).  Formerly a mathematician and data scientist, Ross has a technical background helping build some of the country’s most critical technologies in National Security. He also brings over 10 years experience in Technology Consulting, advising clients on data strategy and agile delivery and formerly held the role of Global Head of Data Strategy for Lloyd’s of London.Keenly focussed on applying novel data science to protect UK citizens, Ross leads Faculty’s work on Counter Disinformation and his portfolio includes customers across Defence, National Security and Central Government.

Francis Heritage

Senior Manager

Francis is a Senior Manager at Faculty, working alongside Defence clients on AI/ML deployment. He has a predominantly military background, having served as a Royal Navy Warfare Officer for 13 years. His expertise includes Aerospace Battle Management and Surface Warfare, including Boarding. Deployments included Gulf air defence, Atlantic anti-submarine and Indo-Pacific navigation-freedom operations. His final role was as a planning officer in the Military Aid to Civil Authorities HQ, which saw him pivot to COVID-19 response in early-2020.Before the Navy he worked as a consultant for Deloitte and he completed a J.P. Morgan military internship after his Naval service. He holds a History degree from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from Quantic.

Andrew van der Lem

Customer Director, Government

Andrew is a Customer Director at Faculty. He has a background as a senior civil servant with roles in the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, Cabinet Office, and Foreign Office. He is experienced in a wide range of public policy areas including: strategy, economics, communications, procurement and government grant programmes.

Andrew was one of the founder directors of the British Business Bank and most recently a director in the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. Andrew is also a former trustee director of a large pension fund and non-executive director of the Government-owned Radioactive Waste Management.

Alena Frankel

Technical Principal for Defence and Security

Alena has 10 years experience in the application of Data Science to problems in the Defence and Security sectors, using her technical and domain knowledge to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and pragmatic application. She has worked extensively alongside government customers including Dstl, StratCom and the Home Office, understanding their problems and advising them on their use of Machine Learning.

Before joining Faculty, Alena ran the Applied Research Centre for Defence and Security at the Alan Turing Institute. Prior to her work at Turing, she led the Machine Learning capability area at Roke, spearheading their National Security Data Science campaign and orchestrating their contribution to the SECTORED framework.

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