Life at Faculty is

fast-paced rewarding entrepreneurial fun collaborative

At Faculty, we’ve built an outstanding team by finding people who are exceptional in their chosen fields

The Faculty team is diverse and distinctive, and we all come from different personal, professional and organisational backgrounds. We’re all united by one thing: our drive to understand the world around us, so we can make it better.

Faculty is the professional challenge of a lifetime – you’ll have the opportunity to make your mark on a high-growth start-up, poised to expand internationally. You’ll have the chance to work with – and learn from – some of the most brilliant minds in the business. And, of course, you’ll play a vital role in our quest to change the world with AI.

Why work at Faculty?

Make your mark

AI is still evolving, and so are
we. Help shape our future.


We are all part of Faculty’s
growth and success.

Genuinely flexible working

We trust you to know what you
need to drive your best work
(and live your best life, too).

A unique learning and
development system

Continuous learning and
self-development is built
into our culture.

Private health, optical
and dental care

Including 24/7 unlimited
virtual GP appointments.

Meet brilliant people
at our team socials

Whether it’s the office
lunches, beer on Fridays
or the Faculty Festival.

Our principles

Grow the Best Team

Only hire people you’re convinced will make Faculty better. Take others’ development as seriously as your own. Build strong and collaborative teams.

Act with Integrity

Have the courage to maintain integrity even when it’s costly to do so. Demand this from others without hesitation.

Seek Truth

Seek the truth over winning the argument. Understand the root cause. Create an atmosphere in which the best idea succeeds, regardless of who or where it comes from.

Maximise Impact

Care about the impact of your work. Find the thing that is most important to your customer. Design the best solution, not just what’s easiest or fashionable. Get it done fast. Make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Do Great Work

Master your craft. Take pride in your work, even when no one is watching.
Demand the highest standards from yourself and others. Work hard, but do it sustainably.

Be Humble & Kind

Recognise that you’re always learning, and have something to learn from everyone. Always make the decision that is best for faculty, but treat people kindly as you do it.