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Frontier decision-making is here

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Frontier for Healthcare

Supply Chains

Bringing outlier performance to healthcare supply chains with decision intelligence

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The problem

Managing complex healthcare supply chains is harder than ever. External shocks, energy crises, geopolitics, changing customer demand and rising logistics costs all mean the market will continue to be extremely uncertain.

Combined with the semiconductor shortage, increasingly strict regulation and the continuing effects of the pandemic means traditional approaches to managing supply chains can’t cope with this volatility. This is resulting in inefficient production plans, excess inventory, dissatisfied customers and money left on the table. 

Taking a scientific approach to tackling volatility

Frontier delivers outlier performance by applying frontier science to organisational decision making. In the healthcare sector this means running more efficient operations so you can consistently deliver better patient outcomes.

Our proven four step formula helps you make better decisions, powering forward-looking sales and operational planning. 

This approach allows you to combine the best of human and machine intelligence to automate simple decisions, as well as providing deep insight for the complex ones.

How it works

Frontier brings your whole organisation together. It helps data to flow between silos, ensuring your technology stack is truly connected.

This allows organisational decision makers to be truly aligned and means you can get the most out of your existing software tools and your entire team.

How will Frontier optimise
your supply chain?

We will partner with you and take the time to deeply understand your
business challenges to see where our advanced AI will have the most impact.

See how Frontier can solve your most pressing healthcare supply chain challenges:


How can I tackle rising logistics costs and inflation?


Reduce overheads by planning for the most cost-effective transportation options.


How can I increase cash flow?


Increase your liquidity ratio by only producing what you need and eliminating surplus inventory.


How can I foster trust in my supply chain planning?


Build confidence in decision-making by demonstrating the probability of each outcome happening.


How can I be better prepared for another crisis?


React to unexpected events through rich insight, predictive analytics and data-driven scenario planning.

Success Stories

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Let’s work together

We’ve helped some of the world’s biggest companies tackle their most critical supply chain problems through better decision-making.

We take the time to deeply understand your business challenges to ensure our robust and safe technology meets your needs.

We’ll become an extension of your team, working with you to build out your data science capability through knowledge sharing and learning.

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