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Faculty Frontier

Frontier for Retail

Predict and manage volatile demand,
adapt to fast-changing customer needs
and build more resilience into operations. 

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“When it comes to greater visibility into the supply chain, especially alerts for unexpected supply shortages and critical inventory situations anywhere in the supply chain, over 60% of retailers cite real problems.”


Where did my retail profit go?

For retailers, demand volatility isn’t new. But the rate at which customer expectations are driving it is. The acceleration of change in shopping habits means brands are fiercely competing for market share. 

Coupled with ongoing supply chain disruptions, retailers are seeing the inherent vulnerabilities in their operations.  Traditional planning processes can’t keep up, resulting in excess inventory, low sell through rates and reduced margins.

Meet volatile customer demand with Faculty Frontier

Frontier, our decision intelligence product, combines the best of human and machine intelligence, so you can make better decisions across your organisation. Our proven four-step formula, means you can drive high performance and plan for an uncertain future with complete confidence.

Tackle some of your most pressing challenges, including high cost-to-serve, excess inventory and waste, markdowns, and sub-optimal customer outcomes.

“By 2024, 40% of the top 500 retailers will use AI-enabled decision support to drive improvements in the new KPIs of omni-channel retail, including customer lifetime value, productivity and profitability.”


Accelerate demand planning to the speed of your customers with demand sensing

Enhance your existing forecasting capabilities with demand sensing. With granular, intra-day forecasts at SKU and site level, you have near real-time visibility of what’s happening on shelves and online baskets right now.

Forget yesterday’s prediction; demand sensing is the tool that allows you to understand, satisfy and shape customer demand today, tomorrow and for a couple of hours’ time. 

Explore Faculty Frontier

Ready to optimise your retail decisions?

We partner with you to understand your retail challenges and
pinpoint where Frontier will have the most impact and
build long-term supply chain resilience, agility and resilience. 

See how Frontier can solve your most pressing retail challenges:


How do I reduce my cost-to-serve?


Dynamically predict cost and customer outcomes for key daily operational tasks.


How do I increase sell-through?


Dynamically balance network and store stock to avoid markdowns.


How can I improve on-shelf availability?


Use demand sensing to optimise back room store inventory, allocation, and transfers.


How do I integrate carbon impact into daily merchandising and supply chain decisions?


Trace each SKU and calculate carbon emissions with end-to-end visibility.

Success Stories

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Let’s work together

We’ve helped some of the world’s biggest retailers unlock value across buying and merchandising, supply chain and operations.

We take the time to deeply understand your business challenges to ensure our robust and safe technology meets your needs.

We’ll become an extension of your team, working with you to build out your data science capability through knowledge sharing and co-learning.

Get started now to see
where Frontier can
help your retail
supply chain.

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Faculty Frontier can deliver the
most impact for your organisation.

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