Implement a state-of-the-art digital System Coordination Centre with Frontier

Move your ICB beyond decisions based on limited data and towards decisions based on understanding. Frontier is the only solution that meets, and exceeds, all NHSE SCC requirements.

With Frontier’s AI models, insights, and scenario planning, NHS organisations can get ahead of what will happen next, understand why it will happen, and plan for which steps to take to optimise patient care.

NHS ICBs and providers that already trust Frontier:

How will your ICB address NHS England’s latest
System Coordination Centre specifications?

Frontier, your operational AI solution for the NHS, is the only SCC solution that empowers ICBs to meet and exceed the specifications set out by NHSE.

How BNSSG implemented a Care Traffic Coordination Centre with Frontier

BNSSG Integrated Care Board are just one of the NHS providers across the country already using Frontier.

Find out how we co-created their Care Traffic Coordination Centre with Frontier to understand their capacity, predict demand, and optimise patient flow.

With Frontier, BNSSG Integrated Care Board can now:

Set accurate EDDs for
all patients allocated to
an inpatient bed from
the point of admission.

Optimise patient flow at
each stage of the care pathway
to maximise capacity and treat
as many patients as possible.

Use AI and machine learning
to make incremental savings
across every care episode to
drive down costs.

Identify which patients have
complex discharge needs
at the point of admission.

How Hywel Dda University Health Board saved £1.4m with Frontier

Hywel Dda University Health Board adopted Frontier to address NHSE’s requirements for a ‘Delivery plan for recovering urgent and emergency care services’.

With Frontier, the team has achieved unprecedented impact across its key metrics.

Frontier results:

extra bed days per year through optimising patient length of stay.

in cost efficiency savings
based on the average
cost of a bed day.

hours of staff time saved by automating administration tasks.

The capacity to treat over 850 additional elective patients.

What could numbers like these mean for your ICB?

Winner of the Best Healthcare Analytics Project for the NHS at the
HSJ Partnership Awards 2022. Finalists in the HSJ Partnership Awards 2023.

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