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Demand planning in retail is due an upgrade:
adapt to customer needs with demand sensing

Retailers can use new AI capabilities like demand sensing to enhance demand forecasting capabilities,
helping to better anticipate customer demand, optimise supply chains and build more resilience into operations.

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Demand sensing for retailers

Rapidly changing customer expectations, operational complexity, and ongoing supply chain disruption mean retailers need to sync merchandising to demand, in real-time.

Retailers need to better anticipate what customers want, and when. Demand sensing can plug this gap. It augments existing demand forecasting approaches to provide hyper-accurate, intraday forecasts so retailers can quickly adapt to real-time demand signals and make optimised decisions across their supply chain.

Our new report explores how demand sensing can improve your decision making across workforce, inventory and merchandising.

Download the full report to:

– Discover how demand sensing can transform your retail operation

– Understand the key features of demand sensing

– Discover how it improves upon traditional demand forecasting methods

– Take action today to improve your demand forecasting capabilities