The finance industry faces numerous challenges that demand efficient and effective solutions. One such solution lies in the transformative potential of short-term AI projects. By leveraging these timely and targeted artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, financial institutions can tackle critical issues head-on.   

In this article, we will explore how short-term AI projects can address four key challenges in the finance industry with real projects implemented by companies who have participated in our Fellowship programme.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Fraud detection and prevention are paramount in the finance industry due to the significant financial and reputational risks involved. Traditional methods often fall short in identifying sophisticated fraud schemes. However, short-term AI projects offer a promising solution. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, financial institutions can analyse vast amounts of data, including transaction history, customer behaviour, and external patterns, to identify anomalies and detect potential fraud in real-time. AI models can continuously learn from new data, adapt to emerging fraud techniques, and provide early warnings, enabling swift action to mitigate losses. Short-term AI projects empower financial institutions to stay one step ahead of fraudsters and safeguard the integrity of their operations.

Check out this project implemented by Abaco Group, Europe’s leading provider of software solutions for the management and control of land resources. By using data science to streamline agricultural inspections, this company was able to set the foundation for a detection system to combat agricultural subsidy fraud.

Risk Assessment & Management

Effective risk assessment and management are vital for financial institutions to navigate an ever-changing landscape. Short-term AI projects can revolutionise this process by leveraging advanced algorithms to analyse diverse data sources. By considering market trends, economic indicators, customer profiles, and historical data, AI models can provide accurate risk assessments. This empowers decision-makers to make informed choices, optimise investment strategies, and identify potential vulnerabilities. AI-enabled risk management models can automate data analysis, alerting stakeholders to emerging risks and facilitating timely risk mitigation measures. By harnessing short-term AI projects, financial institutions can enhance their risk management capabilities, improve decision-making, and ensure sustainable growth.

Discover this project undertaken by Credit Kudos, a credit reference agency and open banking provider. By building a model that produces explainable credit scores based on genuine financial behaviour, they were able to provide greater access to credit and more transparent credit behaviour. This empowers consumers to improve their credit worthiness and will attract new customers by predicting risk factors from transactional data.  

Customer Service & Support

Customer service and support present significant challenges in the finance industry, where timely and personalised assistance is critical. Short-term AI projects offer innovative solutions by incorporating AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants. These systems employ natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand customer queries, provide relevant information, and offer personalised financial advice. Chatbots can handle routine inquiries, process transactions, and assist customers 24/7, enhancing the overall customer service experience. Furthermore, AI algorithms can analyse customer data to anticipate needs and preferences, enabling proactive engagement and personalised recommendations. By deploying short-term AI projects, financial institutions can deliver exceptional customer experiences, improve satisfaction levels, and build stronger customer relationships.

Check out this project implemented by, a tailored dog food delivery brand. With natural language processing, this company was able to develop a model that automatically tags incoming messages to the customer service team with a specific category. This ensures important queries can be spotted and dealt with as quickly as possibly, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction.  

Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

Compliance with complex regulations and keeping pace with evolving requirements pose significant challenges for the finance industry. Short-term AI projects can provide solutions by automating compliance processes. AI algorithms can analyse vast volumes of regulatory data, interpret frameworks, and monitor transactions in real-time. By leveraging AI, financial institutions can streamline compliance checks, identify suspicious activities, and ensure adherence to regulatory obligations. AI-powered systems can generate alerts, facilitate timely reporting, and minimise the risk of non-compliance. Furthermore, AI models can adapt to evolving regulations, keeping financial institutions up to date with compliance requirements. By harnessing short-term AI projects, financial institutions can navigate the intricate landscape of compliance, reduce costs, and mitigate regulatory risks effectively.

Check out this project adopted by legal infrastructure business Robin AI. With the goal of automating low complexity tasks, this company built a model allowing the detection of various information including legal clauses. This enabled staff to save time spent searching through documents and simultaneously saving money for clients.

Unlock Value From Your Data 

The finance industry can overcome its challenges through the strategic implementation of short-term AI projects. By leveraging these technologies for fraud detection, risk assessment, customer service, and compliance, financial institutions can enhance efficiency, mitigate risks, and deliver superior experiences to clients. Embracing the power of AI is key to staying ahead in an evolving landscape.

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