Open AI has asked Faculty to help clients deploy its technologies, including ChatGPT and DALL-E, safely and responsibly. 

• Partnership to focus on securing real-world impact of technologies including ChatGPT and DALL-E

• Faculty chosen to be OpenAI’s first technical system integrations partner and only European partner

• Joint work to help tailor OpenAI’s technologies to business problems

Faculty’s role will be to evaluate, optimise and integrate OpenAI’s products, allowing the models to deliver maximum value as part of a safe, transparent and robust solution.

Faculty is already helping customers such as NHS England, WebMD, Pharmanovia and Elastik realise the potential of OpenAI’s tools and make better decisions.

OpenAI has asked Faculty to be their first European partner, with a focus on helping businesses secure real-world impact, as well as mitigate risks, bias or harmful use.

The race to deploy AI comes as businesses and governments begin to realise its potential. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently said “foundation models like ChatGPT are beginning to demonstrate remarkable abilities in language speech and images” and therefore “the race to create, develop and exploit these new technologies is global.” US and EU governments are also taking a keen interest in how the technologies are being applied. 

But if not deployed correctly and safely, generative AI carries risk of being ineffective or harmful.

Through the partnership, Faculty will help customers across a range of sectors power their decision making with OpenAI, and assist with evaluating, applying, customising and deploying generative AI models. 

With expertise in natural language processing, computer vision, transformer architectures and large language models, Faculty will support businesses to access powerful pre-trained generative models and customise them to their business.

The partnership will combine Faculty’s AI safety expertise and applied experience with OpenAI’s technology to enable customers to access, customise and apply cutting-edge technologies responsibly and ethically.

Zack Kass, Chief Customer Officer, OpenAI, said:

“We chose to work with Faculty because they understand OpenAI’s technology and its potential but also have the experience to ensure it is implemented successfully and safely. Generative AI is going to reshape the world in ways we can’t yet imagine, and we look forward to Faculty helping us on our journey to extend the benefits to businesses and their customers.” 

Marc Warner, CEO and co-founder, Faculty said:

“Artificial intelligence will reshape many parts of our lives – and it’s incumbent on businesses to ensure employees and customers benefit as much as everyone else. Yet whilst the benefits to productivity and wellbeing are vast, the risks are real. That’s why rolling out this technology in a safe, responsible way is vital – both to capture the benefits, and to build trust.”

Notes to editors

A selection of quotes from Faculty customers using OpenAI tools, and what their work involves:

NHS England (generating synthetic text to improve privacy)

“Using an OpenAI model, Faculty and NHSE created synthetic doctor’s notes to evaluate privacy risks in NHS free text data in order to accelerate research whilst maintaining privacy. We are excited to explore ways to use OpenAI technology safely and responsibly to support patient care.”

Dr. Jonathan Pearson, Lead Data Scientist, NHS England 

Elastik (automated marking and feedback that saves hours of teacher time)

“Faculty are supporting us brilliantly in this critical area of education; helping to change teachers’ and learners’ lives by integrating OpenAI’s powerful models in our real-time writing tools.”

Jeremy Waters, CEO, Elastik

WebMD (Summarise medical information for editors)

“We are excited to be working with Faculty to evaluate the potential of and optimise OpenAI’s technology for editors in support of our mission to provide high quality medical content to healthcare professionals.”

Matt Eisenstadt, VP, WebMD


“We’re seeking new ways to help doctors and our teams quickly understand complex medical information. Faculty is helping us evaluate OpenAI models to support us improving patient experiences and accelerate our mission to lifecycle manage medicines.”

Badri Wadawadigi, Chief Digital Officer, Pharmanovia

About Faculty

Faculty is one of Europe’s leading applied artificial intelligence companies. We build, deploy and operate AI solutions to increase our customers’ performance and help them realise their full potential. We believe that AI should be safe, ethical and beneficial across society. Those principles have shaped our work with more than 350 organisations across the public and private sectors as we help them use AI to understand more deeply, make better decisions and act faster.

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