The publication of the Defence AI Strategy demonstrates the scale and seriousness of the MOD’s commitment to be a world leader in the responsible development and use of AI.

The defence of Ukraine in the face of Russia’s invasion is a visceral reminder of the importance of using technology on the battlefield to protect values enshrined under international law – but which are under substantial threat.

We will work with the defence sector to realise the benefits of the strategy – such as upskilling people and improving data – whilst ensuring the deployment of safe, ethical and explainable AI. 

This will ensure the UK is truly AI ready for the challenges it faces now and in future, and can deliver in promoting UK interests and protecting lives – both here and overseas.

The strategy places the concept of ‘human-machine teaming’ at its core, and Faculty recognises the importance of building AI capabilities around people, rather than putting technology first. As USAF Col. John Boyd put it, it is still ‘People, ideas, technology – in that order.’ 

Faculty’s work in the sector is already underway, bringing AI from the back office to the operational frontline, and drawing on our work across government, as well as our contributions to national policy through the Office for Artificial Intelligence.

Andrew van der Lem, Customer Director at Faculty

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