Our brand

Welcome to the Faculty Brand Toolkit.

Keeping our branding consistent across all of our assets – from marketing brochures to the decks we present to customers – is vital to projecting a consistent, compelling and trustworthy image of Faculty. This platform is designed to show the thinking behind our brand and help you implement it. Here you’ll learn our brand story, how to use our logo, which font or colour to choose and much more. If you have any questions, please contact Jakub (Design Lead).

Our story

We believe artificial intelligence is the transformational technology of our age and it has the potential to solve real life problems. AI can generate a great deal of value, but only if it is taken out of the lab and safely deployed into the real world, where everyone can benefit from it: governments, organisations, workers, customers and the public.

Faculty began with the Faculty Fellowship, founded in 2014 by Angie, Marc and Andrew to train and transition PhD scientists into professional settings. While collaborating with companies on the fellowship, we were asked to take on bigger and bigger projects. Eventually, we began taking on partnerships outside of the Faculty Fellowship, helping a wide range of customers to build and maintain data science systems. Faculty now has Europe’s most experienced team of AI and ML specialists, able to support any organisation to make AI real.

Founder-led and with over 80 PhDs, we’re a team of specialists with experience across Health and Life Sciences, Finance, Government, Retail, Engineering, Construction and a host of other sectors.

We believe that AI should be trustworthy, impactful and beneficial across society. Those principles have shaped our work with more than 300 organisations across the public and private sectors as we help them use AI to act faster, make better decisions and understand more deeply. Thanks to our dedicated AI safety research programme, we’re constantly refining our systems to make AI safer, more secure and more reliable.

Our vision

Improve decision-making for the benefit of everyone.

Our mission

Help our customers operate more effectively through AI-supported human decision making.