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Our logo


‘Faculty’ has two definitions; as our brand name, these two meanings come together to summarise who we are, what we do, and how we do it. It transcends its dictionary definition to encompass our personality, behaviour, achievements, aspirations and vision.

Faculty 1:

Mental power. This equates with intelligence and the processing of data to generate correct conclusions.

Faculty 2:

A group of departments in a university (or a member of teaching staff). This relates to both our academic roots and the way we collaborate to achieve the best results.

The logotype is the embodiment of our brand and illustrates who we are. It’s informed by our ‘technology and people’ positioning, which is central to how we engage with the world. While the typography of the first five letters in our brand name reflect the order, accuracy and consistency that makes machine learning so powerful, the cursive ‘y’ represents the human touch that makes AI work in the real world. That ‘y’ also invokes the mathematical symbol; highlighting it helps invoke both our academic heritage and our commitment to truth seeking.

Primary application

Our brand colours are black and white. This alludes to the binary nature of computer code and the balance between humans and machines.

The Faculty logo can be displayed only in white (#FFFFFF) or black (#000000) variations on four types of background: solid white, solid black, solid magenta (#C10078) or neutral imagery.

Clear space

Our logo is a symbol of who we are and what we care about. Therefore it’s important to ensure its prominence and legibility by maintaining clear, blank space around it.

The minimum exclusion zone is defined by approximately half of the height of the letter ‘l’ as shown on the left. Make sure there are no other graphic elements within the exclusion zone.


To ensure legilibity of our logo, keeping it in the right size is as important as keeping a clear space around it.

To preserve readability of our logo when resizing it, don’t go smaller than the minimum width 100 px or 15 mm.

Alternatively, if there is a limited space (e.g. mobile application), use Faculty symbol.


In digital products,
the logo should be always positioned horizontally in the top left corner.

In marketing and customer materials,

the logo can be positioned either vertically in the top right corner, rotated by 90° clockwise. The unusual rotation of the logo alludes to our playful, creative side.

Or horizontally on the left – when introducing Faculty – above the introductory title or the mission statement.


Faculty embraces a cross-organisation collaboration. When we work with other companies, our assets often have to be co-branded.

In those cases, Faculty and a customer / partner logos have to be locked up with a key line separating them. The customer / partner logo should be on the right, minimum the same height as the height of Faculty’s ‘a’ and maximum the same height as the dividing line, to fit the same area as the Faculty logo, preserving vertical and horizontal clear space proportions.


Always position our logo in visible places:

Display our logo on neutral white, dark or coral background:

Resize the logo while holding shift to lock the aspect ratio:

Rotate it only by 90° clockwise:


Don’t stretch the logo without preserving the aspect ratio:

Don’t rotate the logo, unless it’s by 90 degrees clockwise:

Don’t use logo in a sentence:

Don’t retype it:

Don’t resize individual components:

Don’t display it on a busy background:

Don’t combine our logo with other elements:

Don’t display our logo on other backgrounds than white, black, magenta or neutral:

Don’t recolour our logo to other colours than white or black: