Our imagery

Photography style

Our mission is to make AI real, so our imagery style has to feel genuine, authentic and it has to convey a meaning. To achieve this, we use reportage style photography that tells a story.

Always use photos of people at their best, in relevant, real life situations: collaborating, solving problems, enjoying their jobs. Photos that capture a moment, convey the atmosphere of the event, taken from interesting, dynamic angles.

Our photography should always showcase a well-balanced composition, with our heroes (people) sitting as the focal point with little to no noise around them. We favour close-ups to let people’s personality shine through. Photos should have neutral background to ensure there is additional room for our branding and messaging.

Abstract imagery

Apart from reportage photos, we also use abstract imagery of data visualisations. The fine, fluid lines represent the flow of information, creating a sense of tranquility that is fundamental when making better decisions, faster. It also emphasises the connectivity, like neural networks transporting information at the speed of light.

Their visual appeal and room for personal interpretation resemble pieces of art, drawing attention and connecting on emotional level. Abstract imagery is a pattern that glues our brand together across different applications (marketing, sales collateral, product).

Abstract imagery warms up our brand and gives it unique character. Therefore, like colours, we should use it sparingly, reserving it for covers, online banners, dividers, impact statements and background patterns.

On black background:

Linear elements of abstract imagery should be coloured in midnight blue, with hints of magenta:

On white and midnight blue backgrounds:

Use lighter blue with magenta and vary their levels of transparency:


Use brand imagery wherever you can to make our brand feel more personal:

Choose real life photography that embraces storytelling through pictures. Your images should capture a narrative ‘moment’:

Choose ‘hero images’ that tell a story, have a focal point and are on a neutral background:

When using a photo in the background, reduce its lightness to increase the contrast between the foreground and the background:

Favour photos taken from interesting angles:

Crop images to reveal compelling detail:

Use abstract imagery as an aesthetic addition next to a message – this will help reconnect your asset with our brand:

To add more depth, you can overlay duplicated elements and adjust their transparency:

Abstract imagery should be max. 90% opaque:

Use cropped close-ups of abstract imagery to reveal the detail:

Adjust horizon lines, where necessary, by slightly rotating an image:

Reduce noise, if necessary:

Sharpen an image, if necessary:


Don’t use black and white photos:

Don’t use staged ‘stock’ imagery:

Don’t use photos that look too busy:

Don’t use photos with props:

Don’t use photos that look too techy / inhuman:

Don’t use photos in visibly low resolution:

Don’t use photos that look corporate:

Don’t use theatrical expressions:

Don’t use washed-out photos:

Don’t use sensitive photos:

Avoid photos that feature visible brands:

Avoid using photos where people look at the camera:

Don’t use photos with glare:

Don’t use photos of people looking very formal:

Don’t show people wearing excessive patterns or ornaments:

Don’t use photos of people wearing bold jewellery:

Don’t use abstract imagery in other colour variations than allowed:

Don’t place abstract imagery behind small text:

Don’t use abstract imagery on top of real life photography:

Don’t use diagonal dividers:

Don’t use effect filters:

Don’t add vignettes or frames: