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Our colours

Primary palette

Our primary colour palette is black and white. The monochrome relates to the binary nature of a computer code, but also represents our timeless and contemporary business culture.


Relates to our background rooted in academia: blackboards, mortar boards, gowns. It’s a symbol of strength, authority, intelligence and luxury.


Is our primary colour. It relates to our ethical culture; we take pride in honesty and making a positive impact, so we use a colour of purity and clarity. It also adds a warm contrast to black tones.

#000000 R: 0 G: 0 B: 0
#595959 R: 89 G: 89 B: 89
#999999 R: 153 G: 153 B: 153
#ffffff R: 255 G: 255 B: 255

Accent colour

Our secondary colour is coral. It’s a vibrant representation of optimism and acceptance, discreetly warming up our black and white identity, where necessary. As an accent colour, it must be used sparingly. See below six scenarios when it is recommended to use coral:

#fa7268 R: 250 G: 114 B: 104

Indicating action, eg hyperlinks, buttons, call-to-action:

Highlighting section titles, eg presentation decks:

Calling out specific phrases, quotes, paragraphs on a page:

Grouping similar elements to direct the eye:

Indicating transitions, eg end slides, inner covers:

Illustrating diagrams:

Colour ratio

In some cases black and white can be used interchangeably, although we favour white backgrounds which neutralise dark tones and ensure accessibility due to a high contrast ratio between white background and dark text. The colour ratio may vary across pages within your assets (eg black intro slides vs white body copy slides) but the overall balance across the whole asset has to be maintained, with white being a primary colour. Colours within your asset should broadly fit the following ratio:


Use white, dark or coral backgrounds only:

Favour black background for call-outs, covers, dividers:

Favour black background for call-outs, covers, dividers:

Use coral to add function or meaning, eg to draw human eye:


Don’t use other colours than our palette, unless it’s data visualisation, product shots or customer / partner assets:

Don’t use gradients:

Don’t overdo coral:

Don’t pair up coral with greys:

Don’t use black background everywhere:

Don’t mix our brand colours randomly: