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Hyper-accurate demand forecasts, built for 
a market that never stops changing

The real world is messy. Patchy sales data, shifting demand patterns and one-off events mean that standard forecasting tools often work well on paper but fail in practice.

Faculty’s Operations Suite produces highly accurate forecasts, down to SKU level, with intuitive explanations that your team can act on with confidence.

The result? Dramatically reduced wastage, fewer lost sales and less time spent on manual forecasting. 

How it works

We use the latest in machine learning techniques to maximise the performance of our forecasting technology.

1. Incorporate new data sources

Integrate any internal or external demand signal, from high street footfall to web interactions or even your team’s gut instincts and manual forecasts.

2. Sense demand patterns

Identify trends earlier and get more accurate forecasts by learning how demand patterns at different hierarchies – like product level and category level – are correlated.

3. Adapt to real-world fluctuations

New machine learning techniques ensure your forecasts remain accurate and actionable, even when your data is patchy or you’re facing large shifts in consumer behaviour.

4. Get trustworthy explanations

Help your team understand the reasoning behind every forecast and get accurate confidence intervals for predictions, so you can spend less time cross-checking or second-guessing.

Customised to suit your needs

From data sources to customer demand patterns, your business is unique. So the Operations Suite isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Rather than force your planning processes into an off-the-shelf tool, we customise and integrate our technology into your operations workflow and tech stack. This means faster time to value and a more productive operations team.

And because it’s built by Faculty, on top of Faculty Platform, every aspect of the Operations Suite is infinitely scalable, reliable and safe.

How we deliver


6 weeks

We run executive briefing and planning sessions with your teams to show how the Operations Suite works. We’ll then demonstrate how the system performs on a sample of your data.


3 months

We connect the Operations Suite to live data feeds and build integrations with your tech stack and operations processes. We work hands-on with your team to run live test campaigns that demonstrate real-world ROI.


6 months +

We incorporate continuous feedback to improve the performance of the models and drive better long-term ROI.

Get in touch to find out more