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Forget Just-In-Time:
there’s a new way to manage
supply chains

Discover how our approach to supply chain management can
generate sustainable value for any business, whether you’re
trying to reduce costs or maximise growth.

In our latest guide, we introduce a new way to manage supply chains and offer three specific recommendations for growth-focussed and cost-focussed businesses to become more resilient without ending up with “excess and obsolete” inventory.

“Restoring supply chain stability is impossible, at least for the time being. But skewed demand forecasts can be accurate, again, even with current levels of demand volatility. They simply need to be upgraded with the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).”

Fill out the form to access ‘Forget Just-In-Time: there’s a new way to manage supply chains’ and:

  • Learn how AI and machine learning can help you improve your demand forecasting capability and build a more resilient supply chain
  • Explore how our new approach to supply chains for complex manufacturing can cut costs and free-up cash flow 
  • Discover how this new approach can help growth-focussed businesses invest in strategic accounts and maximise revenue

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