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Faculty Intelligence Layer

Building Resilient Supply Chains

The Supply Chain Challenge

Inaccurate and reactive planning can have serious consequences.

From the impact of COVID-19 to rising energy prices, labour shortages and soaring transport costs, it is increasingly difficult to forecast with the degree of accuracy needed to make business critical decisions.

Many organisations are attempting to deal with these challenges with technology and processes that are falling short. Whether that’s because of poor quality data, siloed teams or legacy systems, businesses can only see what happened yesterday, not what is coming tomorrow.

The Faculty Intelligence Layer

The Faculty Intelligence Layer gives you the ability to predict and truly understand demand, supporting decision making across the whole organisation. It does this through:

Accurate Forecasting

We provide highly accurate and granular forecasts that outperform
alternatives even when data is of poor quality

Increased Confidence

We provide clear explanations of the drivers behind every forecast, helping
increase confidence throughout the supply chain in the decisions being made

Improved Planning

We deliver rigorous scenario planning around customers, competitors
and suppliers, combined with advanced multi-objective optimisation
to help you navigate uncertainty

Why Faculty?

Faculty helps build smarter, more agile organisations by helping our customers make better decisions. We do this by delivering:

Performance that sets
you apart

Our technology implements the latest developments in the field to deliver impact our customers didn’t think or know was possible

Performance when it matters most

Our technology is trusted to take on some of the most important problems facing business and society today. We deliver results quickly and reliably when the stakes are high

Performance that makes you stronger

We partner with our customers from start to finish, to ensure technology is embedded properly, and to build capability that lasts

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