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Your real-time macro view of patient flow within your hospital.
Create a discharge plan for every patient at their point of admission.
Optimize your bed capacity and profitability at every step.

“By using this leading technology developed with Faculty, we are helping to support frontline staff in their ongoing mission to save as many lives as they can by equipping them with the most accurate information.”

Ming Tang, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at NHS England

“This is critical in helping us determine when to ramp up capacity”

Director, Imperial College Health Partners

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Discover how Operational AI can transform healthcare

Decision Intelligence: Can operational AI accelerate health integration?

Hospitals are under unprecedented demand. Workforce shortages, increased patient complexity, poor flow all make it harder to deliver efficient services across the hospital system.

  • Gain insights on decision-making challenges across the hospital system.
  • Hear how one of our hospital partners are using decision intelligence to integrate care pathways, support frontline staff and improve patient flow.

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Discharge your patients
on time to secure your
hospital’s financial future

The average length-of-stay for patients in US hospitals increased by 19.2% last year compared to 2019.*

Your patients are spending longer waiting to be discharged. It’s limiting the number of patients your hospitals can treat and eating into your profitability.

Start eliminating unnecessary discharge delays with Frontier. Optimizing your existing tools, processes and data to work smarter and harder. Take control of your patient flow management.

Frontier combines artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, shaped with the frontline expertise of healthcare professionals across the globe.

*Source: American Hospital Association.

Discover Frontier: Your Operational AI solution
designed for Discharge Management Optimization

Make faster, more accurate decisions based on the joined-up intelligence of each of your departments.

Understand the reasons patients stay longer in hospital and take action

Set accurate EDDs for all patients allocated to an inpatient bed at their point of admission.

Optimize patient flow at each pathway stage and maximize capacity to treat as many patients as possible.

Joined-Up Intelligence: Make faster, more accurate decisions by connecting your departments.

Use AI and machine learning to make incremental savings across every care episode.

Implemented and ready to go in as little as 8 weeks.

The world’s first Decision Intelligence platform
designed with and for healthcare systems

Frontier brings the next level of understanding and control to decision-making. Powered by Faculty’s novel technology, Frontier connects to your operational processes and allows you to understand what’s going to happen, why, and what you should do about it.

Frontier combines AI and machine learning technology with the frontline
expertise of healthcare organizations from around the world.

Empower your hospitals to free up resources, cut admin, and let your
people focus on delivering the care your patients need.

A step-change, powered by Frontier

  • Minimize administrative tasks – all existing data in systems is surfaced to users in a way they can use it.
  • Play forward and rewind the state of your system – to understand what is happening, get ahead of the fires, and plan for the future
  • Understand the drivers of change – by unpicking the ‘root cause’ of operational and contextual drivers of performance
  • Find the optimal allocation of resources – run simulations that help quantify the balance between the things that matter most – patient, staff, operational and financial.
  • Support continuous service improvement – evaluating after the fact whether the actions you took had the intended effect.

Shaped in partnership with the healthcare providers

By working with Frontier, our partner organizations have achieved unprecedented impact, including:


extra bed days per year


in cost efficiency savings


The capacity to treat
850+ elective patients.

What could numbers like these mean for your hospital?

Frontier supports teams to make complex decisions about
how to best use scarce capacity – across the health and care system

Discharge optimization

Minimize avoidable delays to discharge by supporting care teams collaborate on discharge plans from the point of admission

Patient intelligence

Reduce outliers through understanding
who is going to require admission
over the next 12, 24, 48 hours 

Bed allocation

Reduce unnecessary bed moves,
and ensure the right patient is in
the right bed, first time

Workforce optimization

Reduce agency spend, and enable
dynamic rotas that make best
use of your staff

System flow intelligence

Make the right decision for your system and population overall, simulating flow and decisions across your services. 

Medium term + strategic planning

Future-proof your services playing forward patient demand, and simulating to design alternative patient pathways

Winner of the Best Healthcare Analytics Project for the NHS at the
HSJ Partnership Awards 2022. Finalists in the HSJ Partnership Awards 2023.

Easy integration

Frontier integrates with your organization’s Trust data and software infrastructure
to help you to understand current patient demand, staff allocation and workflows.

Frontier adds value to your existing tech stack to deliver impact quickly with no rip and replace.


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