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Building great data science teams

How to interview the right
data science talent

Data scientists are important ambassadors for the
understanding, education and adoption of AI in the
business world, so hiring the right talent is crucial to
business success.

The soft skills

So, you’ve shortlisted your candidates and you’re inviting a strong selection of to a first interview. How do you know if someone will be the right cultural fit? Drive business impact?

928 interviews later and 336 successful data science hires for companies such as JustEat, IQVIA and Virgin Media O2 through our Faculty Fellowship programme, we have some insights to share.

While having a long list of qualified applicants – you go through their CV’s, their repository of code, their research papers – it’s hard to distinguish which clearly very capable candidate should join your organisation. To mitigate that risk it’s wise to equally weigh what soft skills the candidates have – often overlooked, but crucial, in data science teams.