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Eliminate inefficient marketing spend and maximise lifetime value with causal machine learning.

Faculty’s causal marketing suite helps fashion industry leaders use data science to improve marketing incrementality, maximise profitability and increase customer lifetime value.

It’s designed to target only the customers most likely to be influenced by each marketing intervention.

The impact? A 15-25% improvement in marketing ROI and a better, more personal experience for your customers.

Causal marketing in action


We helped a US retailer turn declining marketing ROI rates around by pinpointing the customers most likely to be influenced by marketing.


increase in profitability

$5.8 million

projected added revenue


We helped an eCommerce fashion retailer reduce cannibalisation and increase retention by scoring the repurchase probability of every customer in their base.


reduction in marketing emails sent

Up to £3 million

projected incremental revenue increase

How it works

Using the latest advances in causal machine learning methods, we help fashion retailers target marketing spend precisely, based on incrementality – not clicks or impressions.

1. Run controlled experiments

Through rigorous marketing experimentation, we help you build up a powerful first-party data asset on how your marketing interventions truly influence your customers.

2. Understand causal links

Unpick correlation from causation by using a new class of causal machine learning models to measure the incremental impact of each activation.

3. Target for impact

Identify the customers most likely to engage with each marketing intervention, rather than over-targeting frequent purchasers or high value customers.

4. Connect your organisation

Preformatted and custom reports provide consistent, real-time views of the ROI of every campaign – from the activation team to the boardroom.

Customised to suit your needs

Your relationship with your customers is unique, so our causal marketing suite isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Rather than force your processes into an off-the-shelf tool, we customise and integrate our technology into your campaign workflow and tech stack. This means faster time to value and a more productive marketing team.

And because it’s built by Faculty, on top of Faculty Platform, every aspect of the causal marketing suite is infinitely scalable, reliable and safe.

How we deliver


6 weeks

We run executive briefing and planning sessions with your marketing teams to show how our causal marketing suite works. We’ll then demonstrate how the system performs on a sample of your data.


3 months

We connect our causal marketing suite to live data feeds and build integrations with your tech stack and marketing processes. We work hands-on with your team to run live test campaigns that demonstrate real-world ROI.


6 months +

We incorporate continuous feedback to improve the performance of the models and drive better long-term return on investment.

Get in touch to find out more