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Discover the 2021 AI trends that will shape machine learning across society and business.

What lies ahead for machine learning in 2021?

The Faculty Forecast draws on our extensive experience working with 230+ organisations across the public and private sectors, as well as our dedicated R&D team’s research into the latest AI techniques.

We expect the year will be dominated by one overarching theme: companies realise that operational AI – the kind that delivers real value to society and businesses – isn’t contained within one AI model.

We’ll see a new operationalisation of AI, built on this new understanding from organisations of what AI is, what it can do and how to do it effectively and safely.

We’ll also cover three trends in more detail:

  • Organisations make getting quality data a priority.
  • Organisations think in terms of AI systems, not AI models.
  • Ethics and public trust in AI remain critical.

Download the Faculty AI Forecast 2020 below.

Download the Faculty Forecast

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