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AI offers a source of competitive advantage and elite performance, but organisations
need software that meets their unique needs to get the most from AI.

Faculty is behind some of the most sophisticated applications of AI in use today.
Our AI software has allowed our clients to win market-leading trading advantages,
automate high value inspection processes, monitor websites for terrorist communications,
save millions in marketing spend, and detect tumours from remote surgical video feeds. 

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Why Faculty?

Broad experience, deep expertise

We’ve worked on over 400 client projects, helping organisations of every shape and size and from almost every sector of the economy to integrate AI into their business.

Our project teams bring deep, multidisciplinary expertise. All of our data scientists have STEM PhDs and we have partnerships with Harvard and UCL to ensure that our clients benefit from the latest research breakthroughs.

A focus on your in-house AI capability

AI is increasingly a business-critical capability that organisations want to develop for themselves. We love to teach and are committed to helping our clients learn. We structure our engagements to maximise knowledge transfer and build your in-house data science capability.

AI customised for performance

There are natural limits to the performance of ‘off the shelf’ solutions which aren’t adapted to fit your needs or systems. We optimise for performance by building bespoke to your data, your users, and your technology.

Safe AI by default

Opaque black boxes, unfair or biased algorithms, and insecure data create legal and reputational risk. We are leaders in AI safety research and have built technology that allows our clients to be confident that their software is explainable, fair, robust and private.

To find out more about what Faculty can do for you and your organisation, get in touch.

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