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Faculty CEO appointed to AI Council

Dr Marc Warner is among 21 leaders from business, academia and data privacy organisations joining the AI Council, an independent expert committee to help boost growth of AI in the UK, promote its adoption and ethical use in businesses and organisations across the country.

Marc commented: “We recognise that AI is the most important technology of our time and that the UK government is in a particularly strong position to benefit from it because it can make public services both better and cheaper at the same time. 

“So it is very exciting that, through the AI Council, the government is reaching out to the kind of organisations that can help it to understand and make use of this technology most effectively”.

The line-up will be announced by Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright during his speech at the Vivatech Summit in Paris.

Confirmation of the AI Council membership comes on the first anniversary of the AI Sector Deal, a billion-pound joint government and industry deal designed to put the nation at the forefront of emerging technologies.

It also follows Faculty’s appointment to run the Cross-government AI Adoption Review, working with the Office for Artificial Intelligence (OAI) and Government Digital Service (GDS) to identify the most significant opportunities to introduce AI across government with the aim of increasing productivity and improving the quality of public services.

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